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What happened Marlow?

… And I mean, Thanksgiving is soon, you can always save them until next week. I’m sure someone will eat them. 

Oh, I-uh- I had to have a C-section a few weeks ago… I’m a mother. Heh… heh…

That is if I don’t finish them off first. I can always make more. They’re that good. 

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Micah managed to say her first word.

Oh my god. That was fast. She’s only like a few months old. How did that happen?

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Those are foolish things to think, Marlow. Just because you had their grandchild a little earlier than planned and out of wedlock is no reason for them to practically disown him and you for that matter. A lot of girls do that in today’s society, so they need to get over it.

I know, I know… but still. I-I don’t know. My mom’s worked with girls who had kids in high school. She very much disapproves of it. I know it’s a possibility. 

Oh, yeah, I didn’t get to tell you. I found out the sex the other day. I was right. It’s a boy. 

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Not something you should be worrying about, though, Marbs. You should be worrying about more important things like eating. How have you been feeling lately?

Because eating is obviously more important than a broken hand… I’ve been feeling fine. I haven’t been very sick lately and the baby’s doing great. Nolan and I went to a doctor and we got an ultrasound.

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Oh hey, Marbles. Oh…it’s nothing. Nothing to worry about, I promise.

Well, if something broke your hand, than it’s obviously something to worry about.

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Wish I had more time to remember all these names.

It is a little difficult, but I guess you’ll have to live and learn.

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Marlow, listen to me. I need you to stop crying.

I tried my best, to help all of you onto the right path. We had our rough patches but we got through them. If it’s my time to go, Marlow, then so be it. I don’t regret anything. I am happy and I want you to be too, because you will. You’ll grow up happy and raise a large family. Everything will work out. Take Trevor off your mind because right now, you’re working on something more important.

You’re having a baby, Marlow. You’re bringing a new life into this world that can be cruel at times, and it’s your job to protect them from that. I know it’s scary, I do. And I wish I could say it gets better as they get older but it really doesn’t. So you keep going, and you love this baby. I’m sorry I couldn’t live to be their uncle because I did want to, no matter what I said.

I can’t help it, Rune.

You’re… you’re… you know, and I can’t do anything about it, no matter how much I want to. And in knowing that, I can’t be happy. It’s not a family without my big brother, Rune. It won’t feel right without you as a part of this. I know you don’t regret anything, but you sound like you’ve completely given up. Don’t. You wouldn’t let me give up if I were in your place. Don’t you lie to yourself about that.

I know, Rune. I’ve got roughly twenty-seven weeks until this world get another person, maybe even less, considering my age. I’ve been reading a lot about babies and pregnancy, and it’s scarier than I thought it would be. And now knowing that you may not be here when he comes is more terrifying. And you’re gonna be Uncle Rune. I won’t settle for anything else until they pronounce you gone.

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Nolan thought it was harmless. That was what a picnic was for, to eat. And feeding her something seemed to be a romantic gesture. But he saw the gleam in Marlow’s eyes, he noticed it look like she was trying to hide something. Maybe her headaches were back, but the smile she held had him questioning his thoughts. Maybe he was just seeing things. With that, he put some Nutella on the French toast stick and held it out to her and smiled as she took a bite. Waiting for a reaction, he watched as she slowly chewed on the food. His eyes caught a nauseating look on her face and a tiny splash of red cover her cheeks. His features turned worried and he slowly lost his smile as he set the food down. Before he could ask her what was wrong, she covered her mouth, stood up, and ran over to the edge of the area, and ducked behind a tree. Hearing the sounds, his face cringed because he knew she was throwing up.

Once the noise died down and she knelt behind the tree taking deep breaths, he got up and ran over to her. Slowly brushing her short strawberry blonde hair behind her ears, he started to pat her back. He didn’t have anything to say at that point so the two sat in silence for a while. He continued to comfort her, doing so by rubbing her back and brushing her hair out of her face. He didn’t know what to do. His eyes looked down at her hands and just above them. He noticed a black leather bracelet and he had to stop a sigh from coming out. It had been the one he had given her that night of the party. He didn’t remember much but that next morning that was the first thing he saw waking up. As much as it symbolized his feelings for her, it also held a worrisome truth, they did have sex and it was mostly unprotected. A shiver threw down his spine at the thought of why she was having these illnesses. The thought of her being pregnant thrusted itself to the front of his mind, but he wouldn’t tell her that. She looked to be too nauseated to have her know his concerns. Instead he asked, “Are you okay?”

She didn’t know what to feel exactly. Her head was spinning and a gross taste crept its way into her mouth. All she knew was that she just threw up and there was definitely something going on. After everything that happened, all of the worrying and talk about her actually being pregnant finally made its way to the light. She couldn’t deny it now. The headaches, back pains, fatigue, aversion to strong scents, and now the ultimate cliché of first warning pregnancy symptoms: it was clearly on the table. As her mind raced with that thoughts of it, her body was pretty much still, besides the slow, long breathes she was taking to calm herself. She heard footsteps running towards her, but she continued to stare down at the ground, not ready to look at him yet. Instead she focused her attention on her wrist, more specifically the black band around it. It had been Nolan’s, but somehow on that night, it switched from his wrist to hers. As much as she loved to wear it, and she wore it every single day, even if she had no place to go, it made the situation seem more intense. Before, it had just been a swap of virginities, a bracelet as a symbol that it happened, but now that one night could have produced something more than just an exchange of wrist wear. They possibly had created a person, a human life that they would be responsible for, and they just met not long ago, not to mention that they were just teenagers, Marlow going into her sophomore year of high school, Nolan his junior. The thought of them having to raise a kid put a terrified feeling in her.

When she was finally able to look up, she shut her eyes and sighed. “I-I’ll be fine. I’m just… sorry. I-I don’t think I can finish this.” The words crushed her to admit, but she knew it was for the best. “Maybe we can reschedule?” With that, she opened her eyes, pleading with him to say yes. Their first date didn’t exactly turn out the way that both of them hoped it would, but she hoped that they could get a second chance at it. The girl just wanted everything to be nice and happy, not sick and worrisome. “I know you went through a lot to get this prepared, but I’m obviously not feeling up to it.” She couldn’t tell Nolan her fear. Even though they had brought it up before, she couldn’t bear to tell him. She didn’t know how he would react and she didn’t need that right then. Instead, she gave him a small, closed mouth smile and thought about the pregnancy test Jared said would be sitting on his counter for if she needed it.


I shall! I was sitting by the library for a few hours, trying to get directions. But everyone seemed to kind of… ignore me, so I asked a mouse, and there was wandering. It was all very unpleasant. But I had a map today, or a semi map. 

Wait, you go to Dalgaard, too? 

Maps can useful. I used one for my first few weeks. Hell, I still barely know the campus, just enough to get to my dorm and my class. But a mouse? I wasn’t aware that mice could speak, let alone lead a girl around campus, though by the sound of it, he didn’t do a very good job.

Yeah. I’ll be a sophomore in the fall. You?

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So if you have the symptoms and there’s a possibility that you had unprotected sex what is it exactly that’s stopping you from being pregnant besides you knowing that you’re not? You could get pregnant even if you had used a condom since you’re not on birth control… I’m not gunna force you to check, Marlow, but I’m still thinking better safe than sorry. I’m going out to buy a pregnancy test and when you’re done swimming in that river in Egypt, you’re more than welcome to stop by my place to pee on a baby stick.

Well, I have a few co-workers that don’t particularly care for either, so I guess that isn’t always the case. *shrug* We both are, there’s no denying that. *laughs*

I don’t know? Gut feeling? I just can’t be, Jared. I’ve only known Nolan was a short amount of time. I can’t tell him that we’re having a kid after only knowing each other for a few weeks. I just hope for your sake that Ray doesn’t find it then, because you’re going to have it for a long time.

Yeah, I can see that. There are people I don’t particularly care for either. -shrugs- That’s why we’re such good friends.