Posted 2 years ago on 7.8.2012 (by musicmagicandmarlow)


Well, Lady Marlow, I would then like to bestow on you the Collin award for being a fabulous first Marlow. Congratulations! -laughs- 

Eh, the plot… I mean there is a plot, but it’s a lot of social commentary as well. I don’t know, as I said I gave up on it about half way through. Shame, really. I almost never give up on a book. 

Lady Marlow? Ha, my friend Austin calls me that, to which I call him Princess. But anyway, yay! I shall accept that award graciously.

Oh, yikes. I probably would have to, and if you gave up on it, then I guess it must have been quite dull. I try not to do that as well, but some times it just gets too dull and tedious.

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