Posted 2 years ago on 7.8.2012 (by musicmagicandmarlow)


Oh does he? Austin doesn’t seem the kind who strikes me as one to use nick names, unless he’s drunk that is. Was he drunk when you both decided that? I hope it ended well. Though now I have to come up with something else fancy to call you if you still want a nick name from me. Marlow is nice enough though. I’m honored you accept! 

Yeah, sorry to disappoint you by saying to share a name with a character in a dull book, but it happens. 

No, that was something we decided long ago. He made me a huge gummy bear and the rest is history. Oh, you got the whole “drunk Austin” bit? I’m sorry about him. He just concerns me so. -laughs- I have a whole bunch of nicknames. One more wouldn’t do any harm if you want!

Oh, yeah. Though it was nice to find out my name was used somewhere. I thought I was the only one to have such a name.

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